Business Functions That Work Better When Outsourced

Sophia Cross   April 2, 2018   Comments Off on Business Functions That Work Better When Outsourced

Many major businesses around the world are embracing the practice of outsourcing their business operations. In fact, this has become the latest buzzword in the business world attracting the attention of the suppliers and entities alike. The main reason why it has become such an influential field is because of the significant cost savings that organizations can experience because of outsourcing certain functions to reliable third parties. When determining what functions an organization is going to outsource, care must be taken to exclude all the core business functions as these must be conducted by the organization with a special degree of care and confidentiality. Discussed in this article are three key competencies that can be delegated to third parties to reduce the operating cost to an entity.

Logistics function

As the definition goes, logistics is the part of the supply chain f an organization that deals with the planning, implementing and controlling of the forward and reverse flow and storage of goods, services and information of importance to an entity between the point of origin and the point of consumption. The logistics function is of special importance to manufacturing companies that must import raw materials, transport them and store them before putting them through the transformation process. Managing such a complex process can certainly distract the organization form focusing on its core functions and therefore it’s more sensible to outsource this function to a recognized third-party logistics service providers and qualified customs agents who will provide a better, more efficient service.

Similarly, when exporting the produced goods, an entity can obtain the services of a freight forwarding Brisbane company who will take care of the finished goods from the moments they leave the facility to when they are made available to the customers in overseas markets.

IT operations

Handling IT operations can become a daunting one, regardless of whether yours is a small-scale business or a well-established corporate giant. Furthermore, recruiting skilled individuals and providing them with proper training is a major investment which any organizations can certainly do without! Added to this is the cost of acquiring the latest technological components and constantly maintaining and upgrading them. Therefore, it makes more sense to outsource the IT function to a reputed firm who are more experienced in the field and possess the highest level technological components to provide any organization with the best level of service.


Marketing is one of the most important functions in an organization and it is the effectiveness of the marketing functions that determines the extent to which the customer and the market place recognizes a brand or a product. It is always better to gain the services of an outside party for such a delicate function which entirely depends on how the outside world perceives the organization and its market offering.