No Maintenance, No Performance

Sophia Cross   August 3, 2017   Comments Off on No Maintenance, No Performance

Take a moment to think of your own house. To be frank, we love the place live. Does anyone of us like to see our home in a bad condition? No right? That is why we always wipe away dust, mop the floor and try to keep everything clean and neat. May be once in five years we even colour wash the house. Just imagine how it would look like if we don’t do those things. Obviously horrible. Anything in this world needs some kind of maintenance. Otherwise nothing will last for so long and even people may die very soon. Similarly, for any organization or a company, PABX phone System are of paramount importance. It helps to improve customer experience and also enhances efficiency plus the cost effectiveness in terms of communication. Therefore, as with anything else, time to time replacements of components and equipment need to be done in order to increase the durability of the system. More importantly, those have to be done by knowledgeable personnel. Because, although we know how to use the system, we may not know how to maintain it. For instance, data cabling is a critical aspect of a communication system. A data cable is what allows data transmission from the sender to the receiver. There won’t be any communication without data cables in today’s context of technology. Let’s assume that a set of cables are not working due to rat damage. Until you replace or repair those, you will not be able to proceed. That show’s how vital it is to safeguard your equipment.

Maintenance is not only about physical protection.

There are few more to be added. What are they? As technology evolves, there’s a huge need that you consistently update the operating systems and even firmware versions you use to match the pace of the growth. Basically the core components of a system should be upgraded on a regular basis and it would be risky if you keep on adding new features without upgrading as it could directly affect the performance. Further, the system back-up is another important area to be reckoned. This should be done on a daily basis or at least whenever possible. In case there’s a loss of information such as extension numbers, call routings of a system, you need to restore. But how would you do that without a back-up? You will have to enter everything manually and it may take weeks depending on the size of the organization. You will never want to get into that hassle. However, above all that, constant monitoring is the number one when it comes to maintenance. It will help you to take precautions even before the issues arise and as a result, the restoring, repairing costs could also be reduced. Hence, keeping an eye above factors may help you to change from “no maintenance-no performance”, to “more maintenance-more performance”.