Why Is It So Important To Maintain Peace Among Nations?

Sophia Cross   September 13, 2017   Comments Off on Why Is It So Important To Maintain Peace Among Nations?

Maintaining peace among nations is a very difficult task. The world war two and the damages caused by it is so tragic and unrecoverable. The repercussions of the world war two is still faced by Japan up to date. Therefore, organizations such as the United Nations, NATO, Red Cross, UNICEF and other world organizations came in to effect.

There are security councils appointed as watch dogs to eye any disturbance or aggressive act taking place in the society or the world we live in. If any country or a leader of a country acts in a way, in contrast to the usual peaceful lifestyles of people, the organizations mentioned above would step forward and take international military and police actions.  It is important to be well alert by any activity taking place in relation with powerful and developed states. Especially China, US, Russia and India. The reason being that these countries have sufficient wealth to promote and start a war. Currently there have been raising issues regarding China US and north Korea relations.

While, reliable China and United States news is regarding negative conflicts in the field of trade and economy, the news regarding North Korea has not been so pleasant either.

Impacts of a war that people would have to face.

Wars, and conflicts are long term events.  Wars does not only end with physical damages but also mental damages.  Throughout world history we have either heard or seen many effects of war and how people suffer due to it.  The economy of any country going through a war would diminish and those countries assets would be devastated pre-war and post war. People would have to constantly live in fear about a bomb going off anytime and anywhere.

Impacts on the soldiers and their families.

The biggest psychological damages would be for the soldiers who are at the war zone and who have retired due to circumstances such as post war symptoms. The government would have to spend their money on providing proper psychological therapy for the soldiers to overcome their   stress. Millions of soldiers would sacrifice their lives in the battlefield while their children and loved ones would suffer without their companionship.

Damages to assets, possessions and population.

Damages to assets includes, damages to infrastructure such as educational centres, schools and hospitals. This would cause major disruptions for a stable economy. Due to this a majority of the population in a country who is facing war would flee or migrate to other countries, making many lose their houses, identifications and jobs.

These are the reasons why it is so important for us to maintain peace among nations and love one another.